We enjoy sprinkling our children's learning with some off-the-books activities, to encourage self expression, creativity & confidence-building. 


Once a week, our kids sit in on an animated story-time by our cultural learning teacher who tells myths & legends from different cultural origins. These cultural lessons widen our children's eyes to different races, religions, traditions, beliefs & heritages. For Little Monsters (pre-N) & above. 


We have a show kitchen in our semi-outdoor dining area where we teach our children how to bake, make lemonade, freeze popsicles & much more. Prepare to be tempted with a muffin or two! For Little Monsters (pre-N) & above.


We hold an annual Christmas Play performed by our children. From August every year, our children begin to choose a storyline, the characters they want to play, the soundtrack for the play, & even help to design the costumes. Our older children are encouraged to write the lyrics for songs they want to add to the play's soundtrack, & also taught to be mini playwrights. It is a huge affair with dancing, singing, acting, & even playing of instruments. For all, including infants.


Our children attend sports class every week on our outdoor field. Team sports is introduced with football, basketball, softball, floor ball & hockey. For Little Monsters (pre-N) & above.


Beginning from infancy, our children are tuned into the joys & beauty of music. Part of sensory education, music class teaches rhythm, tone, pitch, instruments, mood, & most of all, the pure enjoyment of music. For all, including infants.

Unstructured Play

We ensure there is lots of time for creative, unstructured play. With a 8000 square feet outdoor playground, an indoor play gym for older kids, an indoor play area for infants, an imagination room full of props & costumes, our kids will never have a dull moment! For all, including infants.

*Beyond Books Activities are included in the basic school fees for every child.